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Bus Fares

Good any time of day. Place exact change in the farebox next to the driver, use a ticket, ORCA card, or Passage Transit Ticketing app.

FARES Adult Fare *Youth Fare **Discounted Fare
Local PT Service (one ride) $2.00 $1.00 $1.00
Local PT Service - All Day Pass $5 $2.50 $2.50
Local PT Service - 30 Day Pass
Available on Passage Transit Ticketing
$62 N/A N/A
Local PT Service - Monthly Pass
Available on ORCA
$62 N/A N/A
Monthly Regional Pass
Available on ORCA
$72 $36 $36

* Ages 6 - 18. Children 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying passenger.

**To be eligible for Discounted Fare, passenger must be a senior (age 65+), have a disability or be a Medicare Card holder. Must show Regional Reduced Fare Permit.

Did you know? Pierce Transit offers an adult monthly pass, for use specifically on Pierce Transit bus service. If you ride frequently, you may be able to save money. For details, download a copy of our brochure.





Paper transfers are no longer issued or accepted on Pierce Transit buses, as of December 8, 2014. However, transferring is easy with an ORCA card. Transfers are automatic with either a pass or E-purse on an ORCA card. Your transfer credit in E-purse expires two hours after you first tap your card on board the bus. It is valid on or between Pierce Transit, Sound Transit, King County Metro, Kitsap Transit, Community Transit and Everett Transit.

Human Service Agency Tickets and Passes 

Certified Human Services Agencies (HSA’s) may purchase paper One Ride Tickets and paper All Day Passes. Certified HSA’s that are tax-exempt under IRS subsection 501(c)(3) may qualify for a 50% discount. For more information or to see if your agency qualifies, call 253.444.2526  or download a certification form. Certified HSA’s may order their One Ride Tickets or All Day Passes by clicking the button below.

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Class Pass

Pierce Transit Class Passes can be used for up to 30 people for a round trip on regularly scheduled local service for just $48. We can’t guarantee that all members of a group will get a seat or be able to board the same bus but we’ll do our best to accommodate your group. Class passes cannot be purchased with an ORCA card.

After your Class Pass order has been placed, please call Pierce Transit Customer Service at 253.581.8000 with details regarding your trip. Pierce Transit requests a 7 day notice prior to the departure date.

If you need assistance with your trip plan, a representative is available to help between 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. Choose 1 for Customer Service, 1 again for Bus or Fixed Route information then listen for the trip plan selection. 

DELIVERY: Please allow 3 to 4 days for delivery of passes by First Class US Mail. There is no charge for postage and handling.

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ORCA cards

ORCA smart cards simplify fares and transfers. ORCA offers a variety of regional passes, and also“agency-specific” passes for use on just one agency’s services. Most ORCA passes are valid for unlimited rides within a specific timeframe. You can also use an ORCA card like cash to pay your bus fare. The card has an Electronic Purse (E-Purse) that stores fare value. Your ORCA card can be used for the fare that covers the trips you take most often. If you have a regional pass loaded on your card, when you take a bus with a higher fare, just pay the difference with cash or E-purse. You can store value from $5 to $300 on your ORCA card. Once you have added value to your E-purse, tap your ORCA card to activate E-purse if you added E-purse online or by phone. If you do not tap within 60 days, reactivate that E-purse by contacting ORCA customer service at 888-988-6722 or

Your monthly pass or All Day Pass is loaded on an ORCA card (the card itself has a one-time $5 purchase fee), which can be purchased online, by phone (1-888-988-6722; TTY relay: 711), at participating retailers or in person at Pierce Transit's Bus Shop.

There are two ways to get a youth ORCA card:

  • Visit a Customer Service Office: bring the youth along and provide proof of age only if it is not obvious that the youth is under 19. Or, if the youth is not present, you can just bring proof of age.
  • Order by Mail: simply download an order form at Print the online ORCA card order form, check the "Youth ORCA Card" option including birth date, and indicate "Pierce Transit Summer Youth Pass $36." Include a copy of proof of age for the youth when you mail in the form and payment.

Or, if you already have a youth ORCA card, you may load a Summer Youth Pass online, at ticket vending machines, at the Bus Shop, or at a participating retailer.


For summertime savings, Pierce Transit offers a Summer Youth Pass for ages 6-18. It is valid for unlimited rides on local Pierce Transit service June 1 through August 31 for only $36! Just add a PT Summer Youth Pass to your youth ORCA card, or to your phone when you download the Passage app.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit

Discounts for seniors, individuals with a disability and Medicare Card holders: if you are 65 or older, have a qualifying doctor-verified disability, or have a Medicare card you may ride for a discounted fare. You must show a valid Regional Reduced Fare Permit (RRFP) when paying a discounted fare.

Regional Reduced Fare Permit applications and permits are available at Pierce Transit's Bus Shop. The initial card will be free. A replacement card will be $3. Please bring proof of age, S.S. I. disability award letter, VA paperwork with 40% or more disability, a valid Medicare card, or a Washington Department of Licensing issued identification card for a disabled parking placard and another government photo ID. Individuals with disabilities who qualify for the reduced fare must get an ORCA Regional Reduced Fare Permit in person at the Bus Shop. Seniors (65 or older) may get an ORCA RRFP by mail with proof of age, or in person at the Bus Shop, with proof of age.

Download the application as a pdf HERE

More RRFP information:

2013 RRFP Brochure
This document outlines who’s eligible, what it costs, how long it ‘s valid, where you can use it, etc. Download Here

RRFP Medical Eligibility Criteria and Conditions.
An in-depth look at what qualifies a person to use the Regional Reduced Fare Permit, plus all the information in the brochure AND the application, all in one convenient package. Download Here


Secure Parking Areas (SPA's) in Tacoma for Bikes

Secure, covered bike parking is available in three locations. Rental fee is $8 per quarter or $25 per year.

  • Tacoma Dome Station* - Puyallup Ave & East G Street, lower level between the two garages.

Operated by Pierce Transit. Call 253.581.8000, select 1 for Customer Service, then 1 again for Fixed Route Bus Service for details. [DOWNLOAD RENTAL AGREEMENT]



SHUTTLE Fare (effective 9/1/17)
SHUTTLE Pass for use Sept. 1, 2017 and later
Pierce Transit's SHUTTLE Service (one ride) $1.75 $63
Virtual SHUTTLE Pass

SHUTTLE passengers may pay fares with cash, One Ride ticket or a Virtual SHUTTLE Pass. The Virtual SHUTTLE Pass is valid only on SHUTTLE not Pierce Transit local buses. Virtual SHUTTLE Passes are for use by registered SHUTTLE customers only (see eligibility requirements). Passes are valid from the first to the last of the month. Passengers who ride fixed route buses should not purchase a Virtual SHUTTLE Pass; instead, Monthly Pass loaded on an ORCA card, cash, or a One Ride ticket should be used. For more information, call 253.581.8000 Option 1, then Option 3.

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Trip Planner Help

Trip Planner Tips - Entering Locations

To create a trip plan you need to enter both a starting location (origin) and an ending location (destination). For information about stops, schedules, or service at a specific location, you only need to enter one location.

The Trip Planner recognizes most street intersections and addresses as well as many landmarks in Pierce, King, and Snohomish Counties. If what you entered is not immediately recognized, the Trip Planner will offer you a list of options. You can choose one of the options, but if your intended location is not there, select the "Revise Original Entries" link to return to the entry page and change the entries you have already made.


  • You don't need to type in the city along with the address. The Trip Planner shows the possible city names as options if needed. City names are based on zip codes.
  • You don't need to type in St., Street, Ave., or Avenue, or similar street types. The Trip Planner shows the possible alternatives as options if needed. (Example: type 110 Jones instead of 110 Jones Boulevard.)
  • You don't need to type in the directional designations for streets, but if a direction name is part of a street name, you should include it. (Example: type 1000 Main instead of 1000 S Main. But type 1000 West Viewmont for 1000 West Viewmont Way W.)
  • Some streets and addresses are unknown to the Trip Planner. You may need to enter another nearby location, such as an intersection or a landmark.
  • You should not enter the suite number or apartment number.  Just the house number and street name (Example: type in 401 Broadway instead of 401 Broadway Avenue Suite 800).


  • The "&" symbol is the only character used between two street names to show an intersection. (Examples: 1st & B, James & Madison)
  • You don't need to type in the city. The Trip Planner shows the possible city names as options if needed. City names are based on zip codes.
  • You don't need to type in St., Street, Ave., or Avenue, or similar street types. The Trip Planner shows the possible alternatives as options if needed. (Example: type Conifer & Jones instead of Conifer Circle & Jones Boulevard.)
  • You don't need to type in the directional designations for streets, but if a direction name is part of a street name, you should include it. (Example: type 3rd & Main instead of 3rd S & S Main. But type 34th & West Viewmont for 34th W & West Viewmont Way W.)
  • Some streets are unknown to the Trip Planner. You may need to enter another nearby intersection or a landmark.


Government Sites: Pierce County Health Dept, Pierce Co Sheriffs Office, Tacoma City Hall

Major Commercial Sites: Tacoma Mall, Sheraton Hotel

Transportation Facilities: Sea-Tac Airport, Greyhound Bus Depot

Schools & Colleges: Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Community College

Sports & Leisure: Cheney Stadium, Pt Defiance Zoo

Medical Facilities: Group Health, Tacoma General Hospital


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